Life happened

Um…hi! That was a longer break than I planned. As I weighed how to return to posting here after so (so!) long, I hemmed and hawed and considered not picking it up again at all. I found that idea made me really sad though.

So here I am.

Since we last talked life happened in a serious way. I graduated from grad school in June.

grad diploma


I was super fortunate and got a job right away. Before the summer was over we (me, boyfriend, and pets) moved to Oregon for said job.

pretty oregon

And I am now a real, live librarian!


It is still a little surreal that I pulled this career-and-major-life-change off, but I am happy I did. We are settling into our new life in Oregon, grateful to still be in the lovely Pacific Northwest, exploring the area, trying to make friends and become a part of the community.

As part of that settling and expanding into this new life, I’ve been working on becoming a human again with interests and pastimes and things I do outside of work that don’t involve studying (imagine it!). And that’s when I got to missing this space. I missed the creative outlet it provided me, the sense of community I felt with you who read the stories I had to tell, not to mention the excuse to cook up delicious things, read delicious books, and then talk about them.

So, I will be doing that again and I will be honored if you are still interested in reading.

See you here in just a few days when I will tell you about a wonderful book I’m almost done reading…


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4 responses to “Life happened

  1. GrannyP

    Yay! You’re coming back!

  2. Pam

    I’m in. . .Welcome Back!! Best Wishes on your new adventure!

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