Looking forward to fall

So, this graduate school thing is really heating up (ironically, as the weather outside is drastically cooling down! we turned our heat on for the first time this weekend) and it has kicked my you-know-what this first week. I’ve also gotten a cold, as luck would have it. As a result, I didn’t cook anything of note this past week.

I do want to share with you, however, some lovely fall recipes that I have bookmarked. Some of these I have made and can heartily recommend, some have been on my list for ages, and some for just a few days. Those that I haven’t made, I have every intention of making at some point over the next few months. At. Some. Point…

fall leaf

If you are looking for things to cook or bake this fall, I hope you will give one of these a try. And if you do, make sure to tell me about it!

Fall dishes I’ve made and would happily make again:

Dishes I’ve yet to make, but would love to get to this fall:

I may not have managed to figure out, by the end of this first week, how to have a real life while going to grad school, but I promise I will! And when I do, I will be right back here with something delicious to talk to you about.


Thanks for understanding, friends!



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3 responses to “Looking forward to fall

  1. The Rowdy Chowgirl

    Good luck with school, and I’ll look forward to reading about your fall cooking adventures!

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